Industrial Components
Industrial Components

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FC Series
(Snap-In Flange Protectors)

EPN - 310 Series
(Outside Flange Fitting Protector)

FAN Series
(Full Face Flat Disc Flange Protectors)
VF Series
(Vinyl Flange Covers)
FAR Series
(Self-Adhesive Flange Protectors -
Raised Face)
VAS Series
(Vinyl American Standard Association Flange Covers)
FAF Series
(Self-Adhesive Flange Protectors -
Full Face)
VSR Series
(Vinyl Snap Ring Flange Covers)
EPN - 305 Series
(Push-In Protectors)
Pressboard Flange Protectors
VFP Series
(Fits Schedule 40 Flange Bore for
Schedule 40 Pipe)


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